Earlier today, I read a fantastic blog post by Steven Braman about the Parable of the Ten Virgins. He uses the analogy of his experience with the Boy Scouts and their motto which states "Be Prepared". If you are unfamiliar with the parable, then I invite you to read Matthew 25:1-13. He illustrates the parable by showing pictures of an Iron Age juglet and and Roman-era oil lamp, both of which play prominently into the story. Last September, Steven and I were traveling through Israel with our friends Trent and Rebekah while on one of Ferrell Jenkins' tours. Trent and Rebekah purchased the two items that are pictured while we were in Samaria. They currently use them for teaching purposes and graciously allowed me to take pictures of them a few months ago.

Understanding the people, places and things associated with the Bible help you to better understand the stories. Thank you Steve, Trent and Rebekah, for helping us understand this parable better.