Why Go On A Tour?

Increase Your Knowledge of Biblical Geography

You are a good student of the Bible. You know the stories. But, do you know why the stories took place where they did? Why did King David move his capital from Hebron to Jerusalem? Why did Josiah decide to combat Pharaoh Necho at Megiddo? Why did the famous battle between David and Goliath take place in the Valley of Elah? 

Traveling to the locations where these events took place will help you to answer these questions. Once you have seen the land with your own eyes, you will better understand God's Word. And, you can use that knowledge to teach others.

Enhance Your Appreciation for Biblical Writers

The writers of the Bible wrote over a period of 1500 years and yet how they wrote did not change over that long period of time. In the book of Joshua, why did the writer say that the Israelite army when "up to Ai" after they had captured Jericho? In the book of Acts, why did the writer say that Paul went "down to Caesarea" when he left Jerusalem? Why did Solomon use geographical features of the land to describe the beautiful woman? Why did the Psalmist equate the protection that God provides His people to the mountains surrounding Jerusalem?

Understanding the land helps you to answer these questions. The writers of the Bible used very specific words to portray their message. Do you want to know why they used the words they used? Come see the land for yourself.

Enjoy Your Time Together with Friends

For most people, traveling on a tour of the Bible lands is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But, that does not mean that the fun and memories end when the tour is over. Sharing these experience with the rest of your tour group will create bonds of friendship and love that will last the rest of your life. People who start the tour barely knowing each other's name end the tour as the best of friends.