Sunrise over the Sea of Galilee.  Photo by Trent and Rebekah Dutton.For those of you who are frequent readers of this blog, you probably have noticed that I have not written much lately. That is due to the fact that my wife and I recently spent a week and a half in London, Paris and Edinburgh celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. I have a number of posts that I want to write, mostly of items that we viewed in the British Museum. For now, I want to share a post that was written this morning from my friends Trent and Rebekah. They are currently touring the country of Israel and spent some time around the Sea of Galilee. This morning, they posted a beautiful picture of the sun rising over the Golan Heights on the eastern side of the sea.

If you ever go on a trip to Israel, you will visit all of the very popular sites (Caesarea, Megiddo, Jerusalem, etc). But, there are also hidden gems that it is up to you to find to make your visit extra special. One of those gems is to get up early and watch the sun rise over the Sea of Galilee. Due to the geographic nature of that entire area, clouds can form and dissipate very quickly, often producing amazing sun rises.

Seeing this, it is easy to imagine Peter, Andrew, James and John seeing similar sun rises as they prepared their nets for their daily work.