The black screens cover the areas of the Ophel Excavations on the south end of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.For the past several summers, Dr. Eilat Mazar has been leading many of the excavations around the City of David just south of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Recently, she has been concentrating her efforts in the area of the Ophel. A couple of days ago, their group released a fantastic video showing some of the most recent excavations. These digs have centered around a cistern from the Second Temple period as well as some underground caverns and tunnels. The current assumptions is that the cistern collected rain water for public use during the time of King Herod.

The Jewish historian, Josephus, mentions that many of the Jews hid in underground caverns and tunnels during the time of the Roman overthrow of Jerusalem around 70AD. It is possible that some of these tunnels that are mentioned in the video are the same ones mentioned by Josephus.

Honestly, it may be hard to know exactly. But, it is interesting to think about.

I wonder what they will dig up next?