This picture of Tel-Shiloh in the Hill Country.  Photo taken by Ferrell Jenkins.Earlier this year, I had a series of posts about the different locations in which the Ark of the Covenant resided during the period of the Conquest of Canaan, Judges and Kings. (The final article, with links to the other articles, was a post about the city of Jerusalem.) One of those articles had to do with the period of time that the Ark spent in Shiloh. Well, earlier today, Israel Hayom reported that archaeologists have possibly found the post holes for the tabernacle at Shiloh. (Both Ferrell Jenkins and Todd Bolen mentioned this in their blogs this morning.) Later this week, an announcement will be made which will contain information about the find and give us more insight into what they think they have found.

Stay tuned.

HT: Todd Bolen, Ferrell Jenkins