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Excavations at Abel Beth Maachah

Excavations at Abel Beth Maachah


The city of Abel Beth Maachah is not one of the more readily identifiable locations in Israel, but it was a city of strategic importance during Old Testament times. When the Israelites invaded Canaan the land around Abel Beth Maachah was given to the tribe of Naphtali. Until this year, the tel had never been excavated. Even with the renewed interest in archaeology in Israel, this tel was over looked due to lack of interest or funding. In addition, its proximity to the Lebanese border has provided hesitancy with some. However, for a few weeks this summer, work started on the excavation and it has already produced some interesting results.

In the first information that I have read about it, Professor Robert Mullins from Azusa Pacific University discusses the findings from the initial dig.

As the digs continue, I am sure that more information will be found to help us understand the Biblical times.

(NOTE: The picture is of Abel Beth Maachah that I took in 2010. It is a view from the northwest.)

Picture of Professor Mullins courtesy of