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Wilderness of Zin

Wilderness of Zin

1_Wilderness_of_Zin_2 Within the Negev’s Southern Highlands is the beautiful Zin Valley, also known as the Desert or Wilderness of Zin.   The wilderness offered one of the few roads through the mountainous highlands, including the winding Scorpions Ascent (Ascent of Akrabbim) along the Bozrah-to-Gaza Spice Route.  As the valley approached the Jordan Valley, it becomes desolately arid with stifling heat.

Understanding the Land

It is important to understand WHERE the Biblical places are. But, it is just as important to understand HOW the lands of the Bible operate. The land of Israel is a very small area, but has a wide variety of geographical regions. And, what happens in one portion of the land can have dramatic affects in other parts of the land. Earlier today, I saw a video posted to YouTube a few days ago of a flash flood in the Wilderness of Zin. As you can tell from the video, the immediate area is completely dry. But, water from a nearby storm comes barreling down the wadi with fascinating results.