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Makhtesh Ramon

1_Negev_RamonCrater_1 The spectacular Makhtesh Ramon is not noted in the Biblical account, but it borders a valuable route leading from both Petra to Gaza, as well from the Judaean Hill Country down to the Gulf of Aqaba.  Though sometimes called a crater, the makhteshim are not impact craters, but are created when the soft sandstone strata erodes from under the harder upper layer, leading to its collapse.  Unique mineral deposits have created a variety of sandstone colors, including pink, yellow, and black.

Dog and Donkeys at Petra

5_Dog_Donkeys_Petra Dogs have always been a valuable asset to humanity, especially during ancient times when their help was needed in herding and protecting other domesticated animals.  This purpose has not diminished, as scrappy mongrels can often be spotted among flocks of sheep and goats, or keeping a weather eye on their masters’ donkeys in the heat of the day, such as this faithful guardian at Petra.