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Greek Islands

Day3_GreekIslandHydra This view is not from Athens or the Greek mainland, but from one of the Greek Islands, looking northwest.  While this particular island has no known Biblical significance, it provides a vista in helping to understand the region of the Greek Peloponnese Islands (think of the apostle’s voyages across the Mediterranean).  While Athens was on the Greek mainland, Greeks were scattered across these islands.  The most concentrated gathering of Greeks, particularly those of nationalistic Greek influence and action, would have been in Athens.  However, since even before the first century AD, inhabitants of these islands would band together to fight common foes.

This shot is from the Greek island of Hydra (pronounced E-dra).  If you are ever in Athens and have a day or two to spare, this beautiful island (which has no cars!...only donkeys and foot traffic) is a great relaxing spot with many quaint guest houses and plentiful walking trails with picturesque  views of the Aegean Sea.