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Acropolis Flowers

Day5_FlowersOfTheAcrop As we try to continuously bring alive the people, places, and culture of the Biblical text, the small things are not to be ignored.  While people of those days are millennia away from us, and we may not fully understand their culture and ancient history, they were people, just like you and me.  When a Biblical writer speaks of flowers, the message they intend to convey can be seen by us.  Flowers may bring to mind James 1:9-11, and the message of fading riches.  These daisies, particularly the center one with yellow and white, adorn the ancient rocks of the Athens acropolis, with the same colors now as they would have displayed in ancient times.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Day4_TheatOfDyn An odeon, another name for a theater type structure, was a building or open air theater built by the Greeks and Romans for music, poetry readings, and other similar events.  Paul is again brought to mind and his encounter with certain Ephesians in their “theater” with troubles over one of their gods (Acts 19).  This Odeon of Herodes Atticus (a Greek who served as a Roman senator), is well preserved and partially restored, resting at the base of the Athens acropolis.  Images like these show a concept such as the ancient theater was spread throughout the Greek and Roman world.  Caesarea Maritima, on the Mediterranean shores of Israel, holds another well preserved and restored theater such as this.