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2012 Archaeology News

The black screens cover the areas of the Ophel Excavations on the south end of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.I'll openly admit, I don't know much about archaeology. But, I enjoy learning about it and am always very interested in learning what they find. Recently, I've seen a couple of items on the Internet that reflected back on the archaeology in 2012. I highly recommend reading and/or watching them. 2012 Ophel Excavation - Dr. Eilat Mazar lead the effort just to the south of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This area is typically referred to as the Ophel (2 Chronicles 27:3). They have produced an eleven-minute video which sums up the work that they have done during 2012. The last five minutes of the film are especially interesting with Dr. Mazar walking through a number of the excavations and providing her own analysis.

Continental News has produced an article entitled "The Top Ten Discoveries in Biblical Archaeology in 2012". I was lucky enough to be in Jerusalem at the same time of the announcement of the First Temple Period Reservoir (#3 on their list), but was unable to see if for myself. It's on my Bucket List.

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