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Back Home Again

Back Home Again

This year's tour has concluded. We have all made it back home and are spending the time looking through our pictures and reflecting on the things that we learned and the fun times that we had. 

The folks on the tour were fantastic. They were open to any idea that I had and were ready to learn. And we took advantage of it. We traveled from Dan to Beersheva. We watched the sun rise over the Sea of Galilee. We floated in the Dead Sea. On Sunday morning, we worshiped together. We laughed a lot. And, at some locations, we even shed a tear. 

I was even able to go to a few places that were new to me. I have never looked over into Syria from the top of Mount Bental. Now, I have. I have never been inside the edicule in the Church of the Holy Sepulture. Now, I have. And, I have never viewed the Shephelah from the top of Tel Lachish. Now, I have. 

To those who joined me this year, thank you. I enjoyed so much spending time with you. 

For a student of the Bible, traveling to Israel is a wonderful experience. It allows you to "see" the Bible in new and exciting ways because you are walking where they walked. 

I am already looking forward to my next tour in July 2018. If you are interested in traveling with me, please contact me.  You will never regret traveling to Israel.


From Galilee to Jerusalem

Wow...we have had a busy few days. So busy, in fact, that I have been unable to write a blog post. But, our group has made it safely to Jerusalem and we are enjoying our time together.

On Thursday, we travelled north up the Hula Valley and visited the sites of Hazor, Abel Beth Maacah, Dan, and Caesarea Philippi. After lunch, we traveled through the Golan Heights and were able to enjoy the view into Syria from Mount Bental. We ended our day by seeing the first 

Friday's stops included Capernaum, a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, Nof Ginnosar, and an opportunity to step into the sea. We were able to have lunch at a local restaurant to have "St. Peter's Fish". We ended our day by climbing to the top of Mount Arbel and viewing the entire Sea of Galilee. It was a wonderful day.

This morning, we left the serenity of the area of Galilee and headed toward Jerusalem. On the way we made stops at Jezreel, Spring of Harod, Bet She'an, Jericho, and the baptismal site. Our arrival in Jerusalem was met with much cooler temperatures than what we experienced to our north. It was a welcome relief. 

Not only is the group doing great, but they are an absolute joy to be around. Tomorrow, we head towards the Dead Sea.

From One Coast to Another


Our first full day in the land of Israel saw us traveling from one coast to the other. We started by watching the sun rise over the resort city of Netanya on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. From there, we traveled to Caesarea Maritima. This large seaport city was truly a jewel in the crown of King Herod's building projects. We toured the theatre, palace, hippodrome, and harbor. 

We then climbed to the top of Mount Carmel and revisited the story of Elijah's contest against the prophets of Baal. Our view was very clear and we could see for miles. There are so many locations of Biblical stories that can be seen from there.

After lunch, we toured the ancient city of Megiddo. Once again, the views across the Jezreel Valley were fantastic.

We concluded our day with a visit to Nazareth Village. This first century replica village helps the visitors understand life during the time of Jesus.

We have arrived at truly one of my favorite hotels in Israel, the Ron Beach on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. We will spend three nights here touring the land of Galilee. 

The tour group is doing great and everyone is having a great time. It is an honor to travel with them and learn more about the Bible. 

Back In Israel


We had a couple of air flight delays and some traffic issues going around Tel Aviv, but our tour group is safely in Israel. We are staying tonight in the resort city of Netanya overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. 

Tomorrow, we will head north to Caesarea Maritima and then through the Jezreel Valley toward Tiberius.  

I am happy that we are all doing well and that we are excited to begin our adventure. More pictures and videos coming tomorrow. Now, I am off to bed. Shalom. 

Leaving on a Jet Plane

The reservations have been made. The flights have been booked. And the bags are packed. Tomorrow morning, we will be heading to Israel on another tour of this beautiful land. My tour group will meet in Tel Aviv on Tuesday afternoon and begin our adventure. I can not wait. 

I will be posting here every evening and give you an update on what we have seen, where we have been, and what we have learned. So stay tuned.

For those members of my tour group: Travel safe and Lord willing, I will see all of you in Israel!

NOTE: The picture above is looking east from Tiberias across the Sea of Galilee.