Well, the time has come for me to head back to Israel. I will admit, this is a bit strange since I just returned from Israel less than three weeks ago. But, I consider myself very, very lucky. Less than a month ago, I had the privilege of leading a tour group and introducing 27 other people to the beautiful land of Israel and connecting that land to the Bible. Today, I have another privilege. I have the opportunity to travel back to Israel with the rest of the team from Appian Media

Last year, we were able to produce five videos about the life of Jesus. Entitled "Following the Messiah", the videos followed the life of Jesus from His birth to the selection of His disciples. We were also able to create a separate video on the ancient Jewish city of Magdala as well as add a large number of resources to our digital library. 

On this trip, we will complete the videos of the life of Jesus, focusing on His miracles, teaching, and of course, His death, burial, and resurrection.  

No doubt, this will not be my last trip to Israel. In fact, I have already been making plans for my tour next year. I have incorporated a couple of small changes to the tour to make the tour even better. 

As we leave today, we ask for your prayers for our success in creating these materials that can be used in teaching others about Jesus.

NOTE: The picture at the top of this post is of the Sea of Galilee from the Mount of Beatitudes. Observe the ruins of the city of Capernaum on the shore of the sea. In Matthew 8, the passage describes how Jesus went to Capernaum after concluding the Sermon on the Mount.