image I apologize to everyone out there that keeps up with my posts. I have been very busy of the past couple of months and have not had time to post updates. So, let me catch up on a few things of interest.....

Appian Media - I have started working part-time with a small company that is traveling to Israel this week! We will be making some videos that will follow the life of Jesus. The first five videos will feature Jesus' birth, His temptations, and His early ministry. You can read all about what we are doing on the Appian Media website. In addition, you will be able to keep up with all of our efforts on the trip on the site as well.

Upcoming Tour of Israel - I am excited to officially announce my next tour of Israel. It will be June 5-16, 2017. There have been a number of people ask me about it, so I am pleased to share that information with you. You can read details about the tour on my website. From that page, you will be able to download a registration form and view frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Satellite Bible Atlas Videos - Todd Bolen and Ferrell Jenkins have mentioned on their websites about the new videos from Bill Schlegel and the Satellite Bible Atlas. These videos (and the atlas that goes with them) are a great source of information. I highly recommend watching them.

Southern Tribes Allotment - Chris McKinny has a very interesting post on the allotment of the southern tribes. I encourage you to read it. Very interesting stuff if you are a geographical junkie. (I loved it.)