I would like to follow on a previous post of mine about the ancient city of Abel Beth-Maacah. In that post, I conclude by saying "This year’s excavations are about to start at the site. So, I’m looking forward to seeing what they find." Well, now we know. has a report today of a great find at the archaeological site at Abel Beth-Maacah. Recently, the crew at the site found a small juglet with a number of pieces of silver jewelry inside. I noticed that FoxNews has also picked up the story. The city of Abel Beth-Maacah is in a beautiful location in Northern Israel, just a couple of miles south of the current border with Lebanon.

In 2 Samuel 20, the city came under seige by David's army as they were hunting down a man by the name of Sheba. A "wise woman" of the city made a deal in which the city would be saved and in return, they would deliver the head of Sheba to David's army. She did as she promised and the city was spared.

The dig season will soon begin at this site for this year. Let's see what this year will bring!

(The above photo was taken by Gabi Laron, and is on the website.)