I live in North Alabama and occasionally you will hear of someone digging up an arrowhead or some other small piece of history. In Israel, it is very difficult to turn over a shovel full of dirt without digging up something of interest. A little over a year ago, I heard a story of a gentleman that lived outside Jerusalem who was tilling in his backyard for a garden. He had just barely started and he dug up an old piece of pottery. The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) were called out and an inspection was done. They found a few more things, but nothing major of interest. But, the gentleman was delayed a week or so getting his vegetables in the ground. Sometimes, larger objects are found. A number of years ago, a construction crew was expanding a road just north of Megiddo. They were using a backhoe and scraped some large boulders. However, it did not turn out to be boulders. It turned out to be an ancient rolling stone tomb with four inner chambers. The backhoe had broken into two of the inner chambers before they realized what they had stumbled upon. Luckily, the rest of the tomb was able to be saved.

Now, when we travel over there, we can drive right by it and gain valuable insight into Biblical times.

I took this picture in 2010. Unfortunately, since that time, the highway department in Israel has had to install a guard rail between the road and the tomb. While it probably protects the tomb, it makes nice pictures of the tomb much harder to get.

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