Abel Beth Maacah from the northwest.  Picture by Todd Bolen.To begin, let me encourage everyone to sign up for Todd Bolen's Bible Places blog. (I mention him, as well as others on the "Resources" page of my website.) Every week, he and his writers supply great information about many of the places in the Bible. One of the writers is a gentleman by the name of Seth Rodriquez. Every week, he posts a "Picture of the Week". This week's picture is an aerial picture of Abel Beth Maacah. I will let you read his blog to learn all of the locations in the Bible where this city is mentioned. I have never been in a plane and seen this tel from the angle of this picture, but I have driven around it a couple of times. I enjoy seeing this particular location. It is often overlooked by tour groups. Groups often drive through the upper Hula Valley on Highway 90 to Kiryat Shmona, but then turn east on Highway 99 to get to sites such as Tel Dan and Banias. But, if you travel just a little farther north on Highway 90, you can see this beautiful location.

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This year's excavations are about to start at the site. So, I'm looking forward to seeing what they find.