The Senir River in northern Israel.  The Senir River drains the snow melt from Mount Hermon into the Jordan River north of the Sea of Galilee.I have mentioned the water levels around Israel a number of times on this blog. Here are some of the previous posts:

From the above links, you learn that the entire country of Israel had a lot of rain over the winter. Ferrell Jenkins is currently leading a tour in Israel and supplied us with two pictures of the Sea of Galilee. The first picture was taken last September, at the same time I was over there. The second picture was taken earlier today. There is quite a difference in the water level. The water level should continue to rise a little bit more over the next month as the snow melt from Mount Hermon makes its way through the tributaries and eventually into the Sea of Galilee.

The Bible mentions a number of times about the "early and latter rains", which Israel still experiences today. Because if the distribution of water during the year, the inhabitants of this land has always found unique ways of storing water to use during the dry months (April through October).