There were a number of blog posts today that I wanted to mention. They aren't really related, but they are all very interesting. First, Ferrell Jenkins is continuing his blog posts on pictures from the Book of Acts. Today, he speaks about Paul's arrest in Jerusalem and the time that he spent in the Fortress of Antonia. He even shows a couple of pictures from the fantastic model of 1st Century Jerusalem on display at the Israel Museum. The model is a 1:50 scale and covers over 2,000 square meters. You could spend hours walking around this and remembering all of the stories from the Gospels.

Second, in Todd Bolen's latest newsletter, he discusses and shows some fantastic pictures of the Jezreel Valley. There are so many stories from the Old and New Testaments that take place in this famous valley. To fully appreciate the valley, you need to see it from as many angles as you can. Mr. Bolen even includes a couple of aerial photographs for our consideration.

Third, Luke Chandler informs us of a new exhibit on display at the Cincinnati Museum Center featuring some of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This exhibit opens next weekend and will continue until April. Many of the original Dead Sea Scrolls are housed at the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. So, the opportunity to see some of them in the United States is a rare treat.

Finally, no doubt many of you have read the news stories about the military exercises that have been going on the past two days between Syria and Israel. At this point, it appears to be fairly minor and perhaps no more than a misunderstanding. Let's hope that it stays that way.