In an earlier post, I spoke about my favorite picture from my first trip to Israel in 2010. I've labeled this post "Part I" because I actually have a few pictures that are my favorites from this most recent trip. I'll talk about those in some later posts. This first picture was not chosen because of it composition or it's ability to retell a Biblical story. I chose it because of what I had to do to get it. En Rogel is mentioned a few times in the Bible, but is mostly known as the location of Adonijah's feast in 1 Kings 1. As David was getting old, one of his sons, Adonijah took it upon himself to appoint himself as the successor to David. Adonijah rounded up a number of officials and threw a feast at En Rogel. When Nathan the prophet heard about it, he and Bathsheba approached David and told him what was happening. David immediately arranged for Solomon to be appointed king in a ceremony at the Gihon Spring, which is only a few hundred yards away from En Rogel.

Later, En Rogel is mentioned as one of the locations marking the border between the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. It is located near the confluence of the Kidron and Hinnom Valleys south of the original City of David.

The location of En Rogel is not easy to get to. However, I knew that we would be close to it when we visited the Pool of Siloam. As we exited the area of the Pool, I was disappointed because of some nearby road construction. They had some of the area blocked off and a large temporary fence was blocking the view. The fence consisted of a three foot high concrete barrier with a four foot high sheet metal fence on top of it. I was able to figure out a way to climb upon the concrete barrier by jumping up and simultaneously grabbing hold of the top of the sheet metal. As I jumped up onto it, I think I said a quick prayer hoping that the top of the sheet metal wasn't razor sharp. (The last thing that I wanted to do was slice my hand open. My wife would not approve of this activity.) Luckily, the sheet metal was thick which allowed me to pull myself up. Once I regained my balance, I leaned over the fence and I could see location at the bottom of the hill. I pulled my camera around me and snapped off a couple of pictures. As I was about to jump down, I turned around to see our Tour Leader holding up his camera, requesting that I take a couple of pictures for him.

Consequently, this is one of my favorite pictures from the trip. Sometimes you have to do what you've got to do to get the picture you want.